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My fingernails shine like justice!

We encourage filmmakers to embrace the "Spirit of da Vinci" by using new techniques and innovation in their filmmaking. This includes both the filmmaking process and the way the story is approached. Award winners are chosen from each film category, as well as a special "Spirit of da Vinci" award which is awarded to one film out of the entire festival.

What began as the screening of a handful of animated films has evolved into a three-day celebration of independent film that receives more than 200 submissions.

-Constantly evolving to benefit both the Filmmaker and the Audience.

-Cash prizes:
Best Short Film ($250)
Best Documentary ($250)
Best Feature Film ($250)
Best Young Filmmaker ($100)
As well as a cash prize for the film that best represents the "Spirit of da Vinci" ($100).

-Filmmaking workshops by instructors from the Northwest Film Center.

-Hospitality and special hotel rates for visiting filmmakers.

-The daVinci Film Festival is part of the larger daVinci Days summer festival, celebrating art, science, and technology.

-Special ENCORE screening for the winners from each category, providing additional exposure to the winning films.

-We are a film festival run by unpaid volunteers. We do this for the love of film and to assure there will always be a venue for true independent film.

-For the 2008 Film Festival we are accepting films of all styles and genres; however, we are especially interested in showing a block of Science Fiction Films at this year's festival.

We are now on Myspace. You can find our page at

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