Soliton (saintbryan) wrote in hardcorvallis,

movie project

I updated my _movie_project community today. For those of you who did'nt know me in the summer of '04, I was working on making a feature-length post apocalyptic character drama out in the deserts of eastern Oregon. 3 reasons it didn't work out:
1) couldn't find any actresses in time,
2) didn't finish the script in time,
3) had to move to New Orleans for school.

I had promised to pick the project up again where I left off the next year, so here I am, and here it goes. My main advantage now is I have time. It's March 1st, and I've got until mid July (when I'll film it) to finish the script and cast the thing. So check out the community and if you're interested, join it. If you would like to help out (and are able to help out), then talk to me. Also, if you wanna read the story synopsis and what I have of the script so far, talk to me.
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