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Everybody go to this show.

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That's right! 9:00 this friday at Fox and Firkin! ONLY $3!!
Come see some live rock!
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where how? what time? i wanna go!
Wellllll..... It's this Friday, the 11th, at Fox and Firkin, which is downtown at 202 S.W. 1st Ave. at 9:00. It's only $3 at the door and there will be lots of very nice people waiting inside to rock with you to the glorious of Maryspeak and the Pipe Layers' Union. Both very fine bands. Oh and beer. Yes lots of beer. I'll see you there!
Also, Real McKenzies are playing at Platinum Apr 6. Anyone gonna go?
Ooh, speaking of Platinum Punk Nights, Pipe Layers' Union will be at platinum on April 13th. The very next week! Better go two Wednesdays in a row, I'd say. I'm definatly going to...
I will definitely try to make an appearance. YAY! Things to do in Corvallis!
Corvallis can be boring as hell. I suggest going to this rock show. See ya there!